U1 Artist Collective Exhibition

[The plane is over the Andes

Susana Parrado: Oh, mama, look at the mountains! They're beautiful! 
Eugenia Parrado: Don't make me look at the mountains, Susana. The mountains look like big teeth.

Quote from ‘Alive’ (1993)

Photos and flier from the U:1 Artist Collective current exhibition at the Arts Centre, Plymouth. Incorporating installation, video projection, illustration, photography, painting and sculpture.  Its a fun, eclectic, interactive exhibition responding to the theme of sublime, and the blurring boundaries of harmony and horror. Basically I made a den out of sticks and blankets.

"To look to the skies and to know your place... or what little consequence your existence will have. The harmony ? Or horror?"    
quote from a painting by Helen Manley 

The Plymouth Post newspaper came to our private view. The exhibition is open all week until Friday from 10am - 5pm, so if you haven't already been down then please do!