Wildlife Aid's 'Saving Harry' from Kris Hofmann on Vimeo.

Puppeteer in 'Saving Harry' for Wildlife Aid. 

Director - Kris Hofmann 
Model maker - Joe James
Illustrator - Sandra Diekmann

Puppeteer in this music video from The Correspondents.
Director - Fergus Dingle
Director of puppetry - Oliver Hymans

 Whales short (music version) from Amber Donovan on Vimeo.

Puppets, models, drawings and stop motion experimentation. Inspired by 'Why the Whales Came' by Michael Morpurgo. Personal project.

 The Seed from Amber Donovan on Vimeo.

The life and death of a seed in experimental stop motion - personal project.

 U:1 Artist Collective Party For Your Eyes! from Amber Donovan on Vimeo.

Film made for U:1 Artist Collective's exhibition in Bristol.